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Much Wenlock Bowling Club

Committee meetings

The next Committee meeting will be held on 22nd February 2018, 6:30pm at the Wheatlands Care Home, Southfield Road, Much Wenlock


Annual General Meeting 25th January 2017 minutes 20170125-minutes-MWBC-Annual-General-Meeting.pdf 836 KB Committee meeting 20th September 2017 minutes 20170920-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 942.6 KB Committee meeting 27th July 2017 minutes 20170727-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 791.1 KB Committee meeting 29th June 2017 minutes 20170629-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 564.3 KB Committee meeting 18th May 2017 minutes 20170518-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 752.8 KB Committee meeting 15th March 2017 minutes 20170315-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 738 KB Committee meeting 6th February 2017 minutes 20170206-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 686.2 KB Committee meeting 4th January 2017 minutes 20170104-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 829.1 KB Committee meeting 2nd December 2016 minutes 20161202-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 752.7 KB Committee meeting 28th September 2016 minutes 20160928-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 849.3 KB Committee meeting 17th August 2016 minutes 20160817-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 571.5 KB Committee meeting 13th July 2016 minutes 20160713-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 501.2 KB Committee meeting 13th April 2016 minutes 20160413-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 570.3 KB Committee meeting 16th March 2016 minutes 20160316-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 414.7 KB Committee meeting 15th February 2016 minutes 20160215-minutes-MWBC-cttee.pdf 391.1 KB Annual General Meeting 27th January 2016 minutes 20160127-minutes-MWBC-Annual-General-Meeting.pdf 1 MB Committee meeting 15th October 2015 minutes 20151015-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 670.4 KB Committee meeting 9th September 2015 minutes 20150909-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 566.2 KB Committee meeting 12th August 2015 minutes 20150812-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 641.7 KB Committee meeting 10th June 2015 minutes 20150610-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 765.7 KB Committee meeting 10th March 2015 minutes 20150310-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 372.1 KB Committee meeting 11th February 2015 minutes 20150211-minutes-MWBC-committee.pdf 616.3 KB Annual General Meeting 29th January 2015 minutes 20150129-minutes-MWBC-Annual-General-Meeting.pdf 1.5 MB

Minutes uploaded to the Club website may have some information redacted for reasons of either security or commercial confidentiality. Copies of unredacted minutes are available to members from the Honorary Secretary.